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What is your health retirement plan?

The modern-day definition of success has many different layers and theories.

As we age, most individuals set themselves up with long-term goals for reaching a financial and/or intellectual status for their prime. Their success being defined by money and wealth instead of sustaining a healthy lifestyle, which is why heart disease and diabetes are amongst the top causes of death in the US.

The prevention of heart disease and diabetes is as simple as focusing on lifestyle, and the food that we consume. The food we eat plays a major role with the performance of our body as we age, such as balancing blood sugar, and maintaining optimal insulin levels. Stable insulin levels are necessary for keeping our hormones balanced and receptive to carbohydrates absorbed from food. Energy provided for our cells is received from carbohydrates we eat, which enters our bloodstream. This causes our blood sugar to rise and alerts our pancreas to release insulin to cells for energy. It is important to note that our cells are sensitive and will only take in a certain amount of carbs. When too much insulin travels to the cells, the cell doors are forced to close, which causes the excess carbs to travel elsewhere, until needed. Excess carbs tend to camp out in the liver and stomach, as they act as storage bins in the body.

Understanding the relationship between the rise of blood sugar through carbohydrates, and how healthy insulin levels keeps our energy levels balanced, could prevent us from developing diabetes in our prime. High insulin levels over time could result in type 1 and 2 diabetes. Individuals living with diabetes should be extra cautious about the development of heart disease, caused by other health issues, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol. High insulin levels age the body, and over time, high glucose will start to damage our blood vessels, reducing levels of nitric oxide, resulting in heart disease and/or stroke. Nitric oxide is important because it expands our blood vessels, allowing the heart to pump blood to organs for oxygen.

By defining success as sustaining a healthy lifestyle centered around nutrition and exercise, could help prevent heart disease in our prime time. Genetics and environment are the top causes for developing diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, so eating the right carbohydrates to stabilize our insulin levels and balance blood sugar will allow our bodies to age successfully, eliminating the chances of damaging our blood vessels.



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