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Don’t let the pains of grocery shopping stop you from achieving your goals

Overcoming Challenges with Grocery Shopping.....

Embarking on a journey of practicing healthier eating habits may have its challenges at first. Especially, down the long grocery isle filled with desirable snacks that we are so well acquainted with. Some individuals find shopping for health foods intimidating; unsure of what foods to consume versus what to avoid in their diet. Others tend to find the grocery store a repetitive chore, that involves shopping for the same items, resulting in boredom. And we are all aware of the most common failure, which is grocery shopping while hungry; allowing our empty stomachs to lead us through the store rather than practicing wisdom. These minor circumstances become easy outlets for some to maintain the status quo with nutrition and continuing down a bad road with their health. Grocery shopping also brings out years of metabolic programming, hindering the ability to trust unfamiliar brands and/or hesitant with learning new ways of preparing and cooking foods.

As a Health Coach with a purpose of supporting individuals on establishing a healthier life, I encourage you to give yourself a break! Do not allow grocery shopping to prevent you from practicing healthier eating habits. Instead take a step back and focus on learning skills that could guide you on selecting quality health foods. Here’s a helpful tip for a starting point. Reading for better knowledge! Most of us pick up an item off the shelf and focus solely on the front of the package, without flipping the item around and reviewing the ingredient list. The front-of-packaging (FOP) labeling is placed by manufactures to help attract consumers to their brand. Buying persuasion. Many brands use the FOP to exaggerate the healthiness inside, with the idea to shorten the likelihood of consumers reading the nutritional information on the back.

As you adventure down the grocery isle, take a second and read the first 5 ingredients listed. A great rule-of-thumb! Ingredients should not be hard to read or unfamiliar. If you are struggling with pronunciation of the words, or the list looks more like ingredients for a science experiment, consider a different brand or pass on the item completely, until you have reached your health goals. Many added ingredients have no nutritional value and could contribute to inflammation, indigestion, blood pressure and weight gain.  

We can sit and create a long list of reasons why grocery shopping for health foods is challenging, however, those reasons do not get us closer to the figure we fantasize about, the health results we pray for, or the long life we desire to have free of chronic illnesses. Instead of reverting back to old habits, learn a few nutritional skills that could be practiced during your trip to the store. Remember to cut yourself some slack if you become unsuccessful with shopping, however, DON’T GIVE UP!

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