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Adding Nightshade Vegetables To Your Diet Has Benefits


Individuals living with autoimmune diseases may have been recommended to stay away from certain foods such as nightshade vegetables (Solanaceae), because of the poisonous alkaloids (morphine and atropine) found in these plants. These plants are located around the world and are consumed daily by humans. Bell Peppers, Potatoes, Eggplant, Tomatoes are all family members of nightshades and said to cause inflammation and agitate arthritis if consumed in large quantities ( However, there’s not enough research to claim whether nightshade vegetables are harmful. That is why eating foods in moderation is always important, even with vegetables.

Nightshade vegetables are full of great vitamins and minerals that support inflammation. Bell peppers are a great source of vitamin C, K1 (form of vitamin K) B, E and A. For my pregnant mamas, bell peppers are also filled with folate needed for a healthy baby. Snacking on sweet bell peppers with a fun dipping sauce like yogurt or guacamole, is an easy way to consume these vitamins into your diet.

Although nightshade vegetables may come from a family with a bad reputation, there is so many great benefits from these plants that is needed to sustain a long and healthy life. If you are someone who battles with arthritis or inflammation, talk to your doctor about nightshade vegetables before consuming.

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