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Kitchen Tips For Success

Finding Joy In The Kitchen.......

Establishing a healthier lifestyle often means stepping out of your comfort zone and practicing new habits. For some, it’s signing up for a gym. For you, it could be overcoming your intimidation of the kitchen or lack of enjoyment with cooking. As someone who loves creating new recipes, I do not enjoy the hassle involved with prepping ingredients. Which is why I stand by my motto, “Keep it Simple!” The more complex the ingredients are, the more stressed you’ll become in the kitchen.

When attempting a new recipe, review what’s in your spice cabinet first, so that you’re not overwhelmed with searching for items at the grocery store. I also recommend ordering spices online, because not every store (Trader Joes) provides everything.

Next, I recommend reviewing the steps involved with prepping the dish. If it involves multiple appliances or more than two pots and pans, avoid if you are not a fan of cooking. The more dishes, the more chaos.

Lastly, I was taught by mom and grandma to clean as you go! Make sure your sink is empty and dishwasher is ready for a load of dirty dishes that you’ll clean as you finish using them. Keep a trash bowl next to you for easy toss and a rag to wipe down any spills. I love kitchen accessories, so ordered my trash bowl through Rachel Ray, however, any bowl will do!

This is just a starting point! Cooking healthy does not have to complicated or boring, but it is necessary to be comfortable with trying new things when establishing a healthier lifestyle.  Like any new practice, it does get easier!

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