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Cucumber Pinwheels

Let's Bring Cucumber Pinwheels to The Party!

I don’t know about you, but anytime there’s pinwheels at the party, I’m all over them! Here’s another awesome pick from @lifeintegratedlift garden! There’s so many great ways to enjoy fresh cucumber, however, I wanted something that was a little more comforting. Cucumber Pinwheels are a great lunch or snack idea to add to your meal prep.

This recipe is Keto friendly. Again, we’re going for easy and simple ingredients that are inexpensive and quick grabs from the grocery store. Incorporating more vegetables into your diet does not have to be complicated or eaten out of a salad bowl.

For those just looking to add more vegetables to their diet, feel free to roll the cucumber into a whole wheat or Ezekiel 4:9 tortilla. 


2 large English cucumbers sliced full length 1/4 inches (I used a mandolin to slice cucumber)

1 red bell pepper 1/4 inch julienne cut 

8 ounce container of onion and chive cream cheese 

Smoked turkey deli meat 

Black pepper to taste


On cucumber slice, spread cream cheese generously across the entire length of cucumber. Distribute red bell peppers and turkey meat onto cream cheese and sprinkle with black pepper. 

Roll the cucumber, adding cream cheese to the end to hold roll together. I cut my roll down the middle to make two pieces. 

Simple as that. Enjoy! 

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