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Kitchen Tips For Success

Finding Joy In The Kitchen....... Establishing a healthier lifestyle often means stepping out of your comfort zone and practicing new habits. For some, it’s signing up for a gym. For you, it could be overcoming your intimidation of the kitchen or lack of enjoyment with cooking. As someone who loves…

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Cucumber Pinwheels

Let's Bring Cucumber Pinwheels to The Party! I don’t know about you, but anytime there’s pinwheels at the party, I’m all over them! Here’s another awesome pick from @lifeintegratedlift garden! There’s so many great ways to enjoy fresh cucumber, however, I wanted something that was a little more…

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Fried Purple Cabbage

Fresh Picked Cabbage From The Garden My favorite picked from the garden was this vibrant purple cabbage. This being my first experience cooking with this vegetable, I wanted to steer away from the popular pickled cabbage and slaw. Instead, I went with something very familiar to me, Southern Fried Cabbage!…

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Pasta From The Garden

Roasted Vegetable & Shrimp Pasta In White Wine Sauce Turn fresh vegetables from the garden into a yummy pasta dish! I simply roasted yellow squash and sautéed grape tomatoes and green onion, tossing them into a white wine sauce with parmigiana.  I enjoy whole wheat pasta for the fiber, but there…

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Spice up your dish!

Keto & Paleo friendly Jamaican Jerk Chicken..... Spice up your dish with fun flavors around the world. While committing to a special diet like Keto or Paleo, cooking does not have to be boring. What are some of your favorite flavors? If looking for fun flavors to add to your…

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Pasta On The Menu

Whole Wheat Pasta, Great Source Of Fiber..... Sometimes you just crave pasta but instantly feel bad about enjoying it when you're committed to healthy eating. But who said all pasta is bad?! This recipe I found on Pinterest, 20-minute Sausage Pasta Skillet, hit the spot without the guilty feeling, because…

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Summer Salad

Sometimes A Yummy Salad Is The Answer...... With the heat wave upon us and desperation to stay cool, a fun flavorful salad may just be what we need for lunch or dinner! A great salad involves lot's of colors, a variety of vegetables, filled of nutrients. The grilled shrimp helped…

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