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It's your time for a Healthier and happier life

I'm going to teach you how to get there

Hello! My Name is Alexia

I am a Certified Health Coach for individuals seeking to change health habits.

I teach individuals & couples suffering from chronic illness how to make nutrition and movement accessible and simple in their daily lives so that they can live the happier and healthier life that they deserve and desire.

My journey with health and nutrition has been an obstacle with many different paths throughout my life. In 2011, I became a CrossFit athlete where nutrition plays a major role in reaching personal records in that industry, as well as gaining those physical aspects of working out. During that time, I viewed nutrition as a job, necessary for building muscle and slimming down my waistline.

It was not until 2014, when a life changing event occurred in my family that influenced my interest of understanding food as a lifestyle, and an important health habit needed for sustaining a long and prosperous life. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer, and research shows that our diet and lifestyle is an important element for preventing the disease from occurring and returning ( With a sense of purpose and urgency, I immediately invested in my family’s lifestyle by paying attention to what we were feeding our bodies. From that point, I was inspired to help others achieve a healthier, happier life.

Becoming a Health Coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute offers me the ability to educate and encourage individuals to build healthier habits for themselves and their love ones. 



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My Values


Individuals are the experts of their own lives, especially their health.


There’s no room for judgement in my client space. I respect individuals no matter what gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or political beliefs.


Providing a space of privacy and confidentiality.


Meeting people where they are, taking the time to learn what has gotten them to this point and holding space for the evolution in store for them.

Words from clients
Healthy Habits by Alexia has not only introduced new and exciting habits to my life but also to my taste buds. I was tired of eating salads and just bland foods to try and live a healthier lifestyle. She has showed me new ways of eating healthy and I enjoy it! With her motivating personality mixed with her keen sense and desire to help others.....I finally feel like I can conquer this lifestyle.
-April Merriweather
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