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“we believe that optimal health is achieved through a Balanced Approach to Wellness”


Healthy Habits by Alexia supports individuals on achieving a healthier lifestyle. As a Health Coach, I teach individuals & couples suffering from chronic illness how to make nutrition and movement accessible and simple in their daily lives so that they can live the happier and healthier life that they deserve and desire. You are the expert in your life; knowledgeable of your own well-being for sustaining a long and prosperous life. Together we will use the wisdom of the body, as it already knows what it needs to achieve your health goals.

- Alexia

Start Establishing Healthier Habits Today!

Get Moving!

Living a sedentary lifestyle is a bad habit that leads to chronic diseases in our prime. Your immune system is at risk! The internal medicine needed to fight off infections and diseases is obsolete in a sedentary state. Exercise today for a better tomorrow!

Implement Journaling

Implement journaling into your nightly routine;  setting yourself up for success by writing down your daily goals, high and lows with achieving healthier habits. Take full advantage of changing those unhealthy habits. 

Track Food Intake

Mindless eating is common and a habit that causes weight gain. By tracking your food, you could make small adjustments to diet to achieve your weight loss goals. 

Drink More Water

How much water are you drinking? Adults need 1/2 ounces of water per body weight. Flush out those nasty toxins in liver and reduce excess fat around midsection by drinking more water.

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Exercise Accountability Group

As a team, we support and motivate one another on achieving individual fitness goals by holding each other accountable for performing designated workout routines. Members are responsible for providing group information on their planned workout routine, daily check-ins if applicable, and positive encouragement. We’re in this together! 

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